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    SARAB Engineering Consultants (SEC) was established in 2021, in anticipation of the scale and pace of the architectural growth in UAE. With considerable foresight and a conscientious approach to the culture and the people of the city, the company is dedicated to the improvement and carefully planned development of the city’s architecture and infrastructure.

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    One of our greatest advantages lies in its ability to develop and co‐ordinate all aspects of Design and construction of a project, from the development of preliminary design concepts, through feasibility and cost analysis preparation. The type of projects we work on are as follows.

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    Quality Services

    Design Services

    Design Services

    The design team of SARAB Engineering Consultancy are creative and capable to transform dreams into reality by considering all the requirements of our clients.

    Contract Services

    Design Services

    SARAB contract department has professional expertise in preparing strong and binding contract documents that will help to complete all contractual activities on time.

    Licensing & Permits

    Design Services

    The objective is to ensure that the design and supervision will be carried out competently and professionally with all required permits and Noc's from local authorities.

    Supervision Services

    Design Services

    SARAB provides highly qualified professional who will supervise the execution of the project by following the best construction practices with quality and ensuring timely completion of all projects.

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